My meanderings out with camera South Shropshire, The Marches, Wales, Suffolk, The Lake District, Scotland. I travel various places depending on where my mood and little Honda take me. I love bringing the light of the landscape to life! Utterly adore being out in Mother Nature. Always have, love seeing what is around the next corner, over the brow of that hill, driving new roads, in any direction, no idea where I am going or where they are leading. I guess that is why a friends son nicknamed me "Tangent, cos I am always going off on one". I see magic everywhere in nature, objects, patterns and beings, often hidden to the naked eye. A vivid imagination and lover of all things fantasy I guess help me see the world through a child's eye with wonder and delight even now. Either that or I just never grew up!

May the light of the landscape be with you always, all your wishes be granted and all your dreams come to pass. Have a beautiful day.