About me

I am an ex darkroom technician, reprographics artworker, and painter of light (photographer). I trained in London many moons ago and I have been involved in the photographic image and colour print since the age of eleven when I was given my first Minolta (SLR).

I try to keep my training techniques in place. If it’s not captured in camera I don’t have it, “To Thine Eyes Be True” Although obvious techniques like Sepia an Infra Red can be digitally manipulated 90% of my work is as it was captured in camera. Using only darkroom techniques applied digitally to achieve my photographic art. My aim is not to enhance an image beyond what I saw with my eye at the moment I captured it.

After uni I became a professional darkroom technician working for some of the best names in the West End. When the Apple Macintosh arrived on the scene, I decided it would be a good move to retrain in Lithographic print/photo-lithography the art of image through ink. Due to the extensive training and experience in my fields I have the ability to capture an image and take it right through from camera to either final photographic print mounted and framed or a design to be printed on any substrate, advertisement, book jacket or brochure.

My passion for photography started at an early age, combined with a love of nature and landscapes it was an obvious choice for me to follow in the steps of my idols Ansel Adams for his stunning B&W landscapes and Simon Marsden for his mystical Gothic works in infra-red. I believe with a passion photography is an art form that is dangerously close to being lost in the age of technology, where speed is over coming quality.

Diagnosed with Fybromyalgia/ME in 06, after a spine injury, due to an accident at work. I had to give up my working career in London and the South East. Unable to work for several months due to this, I decided to become self employed in January 07, with the help of a very good friend. I am still working in print and design, with photography being part of my life as often as I can manage, this helps me to keep some sense of normality in my life, yet still maintains my professional work ethic for professional design, photography plus good quality print. I moved to Shropshire after falling in love with the scenery on a three day calendar shoot in March 07. I am still discovering the beauty of this wonderful part of the world and I hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

In November 2011 I stopped in the lane to ask Hilary Jane Jones, a local lady I semi knew who writes poetry, from our local bookshop, wondering if she would be interested in joining with me to produce a book of photographic images with poetic verse. Since then we have been collaborating through our Briar Ridge Books Publishing company where we have produced 'The Journey' Trilogy an 'Shirelands' our dreamscape coffee table book www.briarridgebooks.co.uk for more information

Only taken me most of my working life but finally I set out to achieve what I said I would at 10 yrs of age, produce a book of my photography, set to verse. It is a wonderful feeling to have a dream come true. Even more wonderful is seeing how much others love that dream and are willing to share it with you. Long may our books continue to bring to life Mother Nature, the beauty of seeing the world with a little magic and imagination to others.

2015 and a whole new book collaboration with a wonderful guy called Stephen Paine a musician of great talent who already has a huge following with his band LEGEND and has worked with some of the greatest musicians performing all over the world. Please do go along to www.elementaltangents.uk to find out more :)

Bright Blessings Tracey