Denied Access

04th September 2013
There's a bright golden haze on the meadow! O there's a bright golden haze on the meadow. I am up and out, yes can you believe actually out by 5.20am. Have decided I would like to shoot the infamous "Cowtrees" with this stunning mist and the sun rising over the valley. Well that was the idea anyway. However t'would seem that the universe has other ideas. I used to cut through the farmyard on these early excursions, it cuts out wandering right the way round the farm over a noisy gravel path. Which could wake up the farm and any bed and breakfast guests. This morning it was not meant to be. All the gates were up and not exactly oiled. Wet with dew and squeaking like a badly tuned violin. I managed to circumnavigate the main ones without too much hardship but when I went to get into the field that was also all chained up. So I decided to leave from the big yard gates and go through the next one slightly further up. PADLOCKED!!! That's a new one. Maybe I could climb over it. Two rungs up and I'm black with something I don't want to think about, give that up as a bad idea and decide to walk back the way I had come and go through the field below the one I want and cut round into it. Yet another type of gate lock that has grass all grown up around the base and doesn't look like it's been opened for a while. It must be though for I see the quad bike in that field every day. Anyway I am the right side at last, wandering the path through the mists to the other side, or so I thought. Hang on, are those COWS!!! Me and cows do not see eye to eye. Yip, looming out of the mists lumbering beasts heading straight at me. A feeble "Shooo" gets raised eyebrows and sardonic smirks of as if!! Honest I swear it. I walk faster, in the mists I hear a buzzing, what's this an electric fence halfway across the field. The way is barred again after my last experience no way I am going over this. Not a hope!

So back I trundle through the I am not budging again gate. By this time the sun is beginning to show signs of rising. I have to make do with standing the wrong side of a two tiered gate to wobbly to climb over and too tied up to gain access through. Here she comes in all her orange orb glory. That beautiful shiny thing, lighting the mists on the field and my "Cowtrees",

Managed to get a few off of her before I realized that my little jaunt had been over 2 hours and I really must head home an start my day. Tomorrow Should I head out I will go round the normal way and hopefully have better luck of access.

O yes this photography lark is easy, 2 hours roaming around in dawns early light, getting nowhere, in the nip of a September morning, before the rest of the world is awake, with not much to show for it.

I love my work I really do.

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