Inner Child

01st September 2013
Yesterday after my trip up the Long Mynd for a sunrise shoot, I was taking pictures in Church Stretton for some Fridge Magnets, to go into Kaboodle a store filled with everything you could possibly wish for and more! Obviously no fridge magnets yet! Soon though, very soon, just awaiting delivery. Anyway one of the magnets will hopefully feature the beautiful bowling green I often see driving past on the A49 and always think how lovely it looks and how it reminds me of times gone by and more peaceful pastimes than the games kids play now.

I have lived here for 7yrs next year and sad to say not once have I managed to get to this park. It is however a stunning place full of little pathways and some amazing trees. Reminds me of the park at the Strand in Gillingham, Kent where I used to live. Minus the train, boating lake (though there is room) and the river frontage. Whilst photographing a particularly beautiful tree I spied an empty playground with all the usual bits and bobs.

So I went over and sat on a swing and just began to push off and let my legs begin to take me back and forth. Soon I was swinging way up high and remembering the thrill of adrenaline as the air whooshes past you and the world whirls by. I could not help but laugh, it was so magical me alone in the world of my childhood and soaring to the skies once more. Slides never had the same appeal as the rush was always over n done with too soon then you had to climb all those stairs again. If I had been climbing the 'Far Away Tree' in 'The Enchanted Wood' to slip down the slippery slope with the likes of Moonface, Silky and Silly Old Saucepan Man, that may have had more appeal. But that morning it was the swing that captured my heart, I must have spent 15 mins soaring higher and higher before my body started to get a bit over giddy and common sense took over and I started to slow down. As I drew to a stillness still giggling I heard a voice behind me say softly '...and there lies a lady that never lost her inner child.' Turning I saw a guy standing watching me with his dog grinning away at me. I nodded still trying to get my breath back, he went on " life is a great big playground and the trouble with us adults is we tend to take it all too seriously too often". He winked at me still panting sitting on the swing waiting for the world to stop whirling. 'Don't ever lose that child, life is too short if you do' and with that he left. I never got to utter a word, I watched him walk down the park and thought how right he was. I have never seen him before but I would like to see him again, he certainly made me see a different perspective on life that morning!

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