It's the little things that make your day

07th April 2018

I know, I know I haven't written a blog piece in yonks! I am truly sorry about that but I have not been well, no one wants to hear about all that that entails so I haven't been writing. I only write that which I feel is worthy to share, may amuse, interest, bring a smile.

I had to go to the Post Office this morning to deliver some books out to the wonderful folk that have ordered in the last few days. Couldn't make it yesterday due to print deliveries and a new oven being installed. This wonderful brilliant piece of Bosch magic is going to take some getting used to I can tell you. For one it actually heats up so things cook in much shorter times, go figure :)

Anyway, I digress, on my way back I went to the dump, to clear a magnitude of busted light bulbs, ink cartridges, cardboard boxes and milk cartons. I was about to unload the boot when one of the guys in charge came over.

"Well hello there you don't want to be carrying that up them steps can't have you falling back down them like last time can we?"

Obviously, my trip over my own stick last visit left a lasting impression. I wonder if it is on 'Candid Camera' somewhere?

He collected the boxes from the car boot, got rid of them for me up the fated steps and on his return informed me that cartridges and normal house light bulbs now go in the normal bin they don't recycle these anymore, I wonder why not? He picked up that bag to take for me and then a couple of books in another bag. These were 'Shirelands' and a copy of 'The Wicked Wood: Part Three of The Journey' trilogy that had not made it into the house and were tucked in a bag in the boot, I had forgotten about.

"No wait not those they are my books I just had them in that bag for protection, they are not to dump!"

"Oh Wow! Sorry, your books you say, can I see. I don't want to pick them up with my hands can you go through them and show me?"

So I slowly flicked through 'Shirelands' much wowing and "really these are all around Shropshire, wow, who knew it was so amazing?"

I then went through The Wicked Wood.

"WOW! Stop wait, go back, please go back" I fumbled the pages backwards to the one he wanted "Yes, that one, that one there, it is like Heathcliff on the moor calling out to Cathy, gives me goosebumps that one does."

I swear the world will never ever stop surprising me with the imagination of different folk and what they see in the images I take. Certainly has made my day, not only with his genuine kindness at not wanting to see me fall and sorting all my rubbish for me, but also for showing an interest, then being so excited, utterly getting what Briar Ridge Books are all about, what our differing imaginations can bring to life out of Mother Natures magical scenery. Without any adornment or special effects being used.

We should never stop believing in magic for without that we cannot fly...

Have a beautiful time out in Mother Nature, the next time you are out in her, remember to look at the magic and majesty she holds.

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