Killing your creativity! Then to reawaken it again

14th July 2015
Reading a fellow photographers post on his Facebook page today something resonated deep within me and made me realise how very true his statement was, how it was very easy to lose our creative art in the search of gaining social network likes and attention online in the hope of these leading to sales. Years ago a very dear friend and excellent photographer once said to me "If you go into photography as a profession instead of the darkroom technician you are, if you use your camera as a tool instead of a lover as you do now an extension of your soul, you will find you lose your passion, your love of it and it will become a chore, a competition with yourself and you will begin to hate it". So for years and years I didn't use my camera for work only for me. When using camera's at work for pack shots and promotional advertising it was different it was work the camera was a tool, my personal camera was however part of me, my heart, my passion my 'painting with light brush' I confess since shooting landscapes to sell, in many ways he was right. Last year for many reasons I came off the circuit of craft fairs and art shows and stepped back. I stopped getting work printed and cleared the stock I had, I still print the work that is ordered online but I only print to order. Those lovely people that purchase my work get a one off! Should a piece be ordered again, I will print it differently or frame it a different way nothing is ever created the same way more than once. My time out with camera is severely limited due to health. But I now can go out with my camera and sometimes just not bother to capture a view as I know I will never be able to capture the vastness, the sheer scale of the canvas Mother Nature has put before me. Briar Ridge books reawakened a passion for seeing, truly seeing what Mother Nature can show us as her story unfolds. The hidden images and secrets she carries within her world. Creating these books has been utterly amazing and I cannot wait to see the next one come to life in print it is all ready to go barring finance!

My latest solo project, my photography carefully selected to bring emotion, to enrapture, bring the elements to life, the whole concept design and print wise for 'Elemental Tangents' has bought me totally back, the amazing music created purely from what was felt, imagined, expressed, created musically through visualising my images, my seeing the images come to life through this wonderful music of Stephen Paine's, my images taken from days when the magic of just shooting what I feel, what my gut tells me were forefront with me, the mystery in the landscape, the sheer diversity of Mother Nature, her natural light on the landscape, her artistry, her beauty, her life force! It has been a joy to produce and I hope this comes through in the finished book. Naturally being heavily involved in both photographic print and then litho print, the art of printing with ink on paper and previously light on paper has made this twice as much fun for me, years printing 1000's of jobs for others never ever brings you the same feeling as seeing your own art brought to life either in the darkroom photographically in the form of a print or on press in the form of a book. Geoff Ward of Geoff Ward Film and Photography has brought this day, this very special day, alive with his workmanship so you can see in this wonderful film Elemental Tangents being given life on paper.

Elemental Tangents Pressing from Geoff Ward on Vimeo.

The music featured on the video is an extract from 'Earth' soon to be released on cd within the musings of Elemental Tangents.

As far as my photography goes, well if folk like it excellent if not I am no longer going to worry, for it is my desire, my art, my passion and obviously my feelings that have been captured not theirs, they may not even understand it but I do and that's what counts. I had this gut feeling, this wonder of all things vast and beautiful, from a small child until I first started to get out on the Shropshire Hills after my accident it began to leave me after touring circuit after circuit on days that were so beautiful I longed to be out in the landscape not stuck on a stall competing to sell my art. At long last for, I did wonder, now I am glad it is coming back to me and the pressure of appealing to the commercial market will I hope not ruin my love of painting with light on the landscape again.

Onwards and upwards and hopefully health permitting out a bit more painting with light bringing the magic of Mother Nature as I see her to life through my art.

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