Elemental Tangents

A melding of minds, artistic temperaments mused to bring you a unique collaboration of tangents. Photography/Musical Tangents fused with passion to bring the elements of nature to life. Elemental Tangents is a beautifully unique, full colour, printed hardback, traditionally bound & stitched book. Featuring 25 stunning photographs representing the Elements of Mother Earth. Litho printed on 200gsm satin fine art paper, these photographic Elements become entwined with Tangents of poetry and music included on enclosed CD, containing five powerfully haunting pieces of music written by the renowned Stephen Paine composer and producer of the band LEGEND. Individual, bespoke certainly one of a kind and excellently suited for massage, meditation, mind, body and spirit working, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, to name but a few. These evocative melodies will have you reaching new levels as you relax and flow with the Elements… The music has a different Tangent for each element each lovingly composed with the images in mind, but also to take your imagination on a journey in whichever direction you need it to go. Approximately an hour in length a real opportunity to sit back and relax with Mother Nature's 'Elemental Tangents'.
Briar Ridge Books

After many years of searching, and I do mean many years, as I originally wanted to do this from a very early age (10 infact) Always did reach for the moon me. Anyway I have finally found a poet whose work I feel works with this particular genre of book. After waylaying local poet Hilary Jane Jones whilst she was out walking her dogs, who actually lives the other end of the fictional Briar Ridge (due to her misreading the map and it being called Briar Edge) Briar Ridge books was born. We are now in the proces of getting our fourth book "The Crystal Lake, part three of The Journey" ready to go to press. Each book is a piece of art, a lovingly created hardback with full colour photograph for each verse featured in the magical narrative tale of "The Journey". A separate poem inspired by the image itself, for each lovingly selected photograph in our visual verse, coffee table book "Shirelands". Each book has a stunning dust jacket and is expertly stitched and bound, every piece involved thought over, selected and chosen with care, right down to the paper it is printed on. Personally designed all artwork has been typeset and produced by myself, our books are an artistic portrayal of the wonderful world of Mother Nature enhanced by evocative poetry giving you a new way to see things a little bit of magic in reality.

I hope you take a minute to go along and have a look. It is a lifetimes dream come true for me and I am thrilled we are number one bestseller in our local bookshop with our first book The Wicked Wood Part One of The Journey released May 26th 2012 and Fourth on the top ten list with Shirelands released November 25th 2012. "The Faerie Glen part three of The Journey was released in May 2013 and our next book is eagerly awaited and constantly requested all we need now is the funds to send it to press. I have already got the cover design in place for "The Haunted Vale, part four of The Journey" and will be collecting images over the coming year for Hilary to start writing to.
Breretons Farm Bed & Breakfast
Joanna Brereton's Bed & Breakfast. Come and experience Shropshire's Shangra-La for yourself, we look forward to welcoming you and we are sure that your only regret will be that you didn't find us sooner. Arriving at Brereton's farm having driven along country lanes that date from times long forgotten, you will arrive and feel your cares lift away as you face the stunning vista of fields, trees and gentle hills stretching as far as the eye can see. The traditional farm house in which you will unwind dates from the Eighteenth century. A real find in the hustle and bustle of today's hectic world. You can see further images of our beautiful local countryside in the Gallery.

Chronicles Of Eternity
Chronicles of Eternity J.A Gordon
I was asked by a local authoress to design book covers for her amazing tale of life and love plus imagery for the website for the Chronicles Of Eternity, thought I would share them with you, an epic Roman love story to span the centuries of time.

J.A Gordon "Chronicles of Eternity" Amazon
A little about coping with ME/CFS
Fibromyalgia the invisible disease
A little piece to help understand what someone suffering with Fibromyalgia feels on a daily basis.