Muddled Morning Meanderings

07th April 2015
It is 4am and I'm up standing in the kitchen checking my temperature having awoken in a HOT HOUSE! least that is what it felt like to me. Yep, 102. Not time to call ShropDoc they only panic when it is 104. Grab a jug of water out the fridge and pour my first glass to start the calling down process. I ache everywhere! I feel like I have been hit by a freight train. At the very least dove off the highest board in the pool and hit the water like a ton of bricks! Shaking, sweaty, but feeling cold as hell. Groaning, "if I have Flu I am so not going to be impressed!" I wander round the house, strip the bed and start washing sodden sheets, watch a film, wade my way through a litre jug of ice cold water. Checking temperature it is coming down now only 100. Dawn is breaking, the birds are up and singing loudly, whilst I am standing, staring unfocused out at the farm yard watching the bricks begin to glow pink from the sun, I suddenly realise that I'm being watched! Staring in the kitchen window, straight back at me are a ewe and two lambs not where they should be. BUGGER! Quickly find my mobile and text someone on the farm as the sheep head off up the non cattle gridded drive meaning they are free to roam the lanes.

I grab my boots and hurry as fast as my shaking body allows around the yard. New Rock boots and a grey polka dot Monsoon dressing gown a sight to behold! Hair matted and tangled like I slept in the hedge I bet I looked really good.

The Sheep are nowhere in sight. Swearing I go back and throw on some clothes, grab my car keys, frantically clear the dew off the windows, turn the stereo down before blaring Carl Orf wakes the guests in the bnb and head off up the lane. Oh look the moons up there glowing and winking at me in her silvery light, taunting me with her beauty! But of course she is, I obviously have no camera gear with me. Drive up the lane thinking they can't have got this far already surely? The sun is just peeking in all her orange glory over the misted valley and I waste five precious minutes staring in awe at the beauty that is my home valley. Muttering under my breath about lack of camera. I turn the car round on a tuppence, got to love the Honda Jazz and its turning circle, head off back down the lane to try the other lane. Nope, not a sign of them. By now all that water I have drunk is beginning to press heavily and I need to get home.

As I pull back into the drive, round to the front of the farm house I notice Max in the sheep yard and say about the sheep. "I'll take a wander over to Rolies, I think they are on his front lawn he keeps a few there and I noticed one making a break for it yesterday, thanks Tracey." So it seems I have been chasing the lanes looking for sheep that don't even belong to OUR FARM!!! Typical!

The sun is well up now and the moon glowing opposite her. A sunrise of red mists would have been clearly visible from Clee Hill this morning I am sure. Shaking and trembling now with a distinct sore throat, tell tale tickle and tightness of the chest I head indoors. Lose some of the water and start drinking more. Oh look temperature back up to 101! Bloody sheep!!

Thankfully my bath was only on a trickle whilst I was out galavanting around for I had completely forgotten to turn the tap off in my haste to recapture suspected escapees.

Mornings on the farm can be such fun. If you would like to join in all this mayhem then please do get in touch with the Bed n Breakfast at:
Brereton's Farm

PS. Don't worry guests don't have to chase sheep honest. :)

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