Design & Print

When Photographic labs started to go by the roadside I moved from painting with light in the darkrooms of the West End to painting with ink! Another degree and years of learning experience, eventually becoming a digital repro-graphics manager, using Apple Macs and digital techniques to get plates ready for litho presses. I was also involved in creating large format proofs and exhibition graphics using state of the art Giclée inkjet printers. The 15+ years in this side of the industry has given me the ability to take designs provided from agencies and make them work on printed paper. Something that many pure designers do not actually know how to achieve. Just because something looks amazing on screen does not automatically equate to it actually working on printed paper. There are ways to achieve things, a right way that will have it looking amazing and of the utmost quality and a wrong way which will leave you with an appalling mess of artwork not worth the paper it is printed on. I have worked on many projects, far to many to list. If you have need of any kind of design/print work please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

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