Saturday Sunrise Sojourn

31st August 2013

Why I have not been out on my dawn and dusk circuits for many moons.

In case you are unaware I suffer from a few conditions, it is something I generally do not discuss other than with family and those very close friends who cannot but help see the effect it has on me. Anyway they tend to disrupt sleep patterns. I find it incredibly ironic that someone suffering ME (a chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia (a complete pain in the arse) has insomnia! However I have always had insomnia so it might just be a coincidence. These bouts tend to come and go but recently they have been keeping me awake from between 1am to 6am! Very helpful to be dropping off to sleep when one wants to head off to the hills for a dawn shoot. Equally helpful is the left leg refusing to blooming work and collapsing on me at any given moment!

However yesterday I decided sod it at 3am and I got myself up despite my left leg screaming abuse at me and my hip not coming to till nearly 5am. I started my working day and I refused to give in. I will pay for this at some point I know. Today I slightly overslept not getting up till 5am, mind you I had not got to bed till midnight or just after. Still, I was up on the Long Mynd by 6.30 and a bit gutted to see the sun was already up. So much for it not rising till 6.40 which normally means 40 mins later then stated on GMT sunrise times at the location where I live.

I decided to walk a track I had not walked before, which of course I soon walked away from as I spied the Church Stretton Golf links being hit by the sun and thought ooooo pretty see if I can get that. So I meandered this way and that taking pictures in the mist. Really must get my sensor cleaned. Nightmare editing. I suddenly realized I was looking down on Carding Mill Valley. I thought to myself 'how the hell did I manage that?' More importantly how far have I actually walked and how long is it going to take me to get back? So after many more minutes, actually nearly two hours I finally managed to get back to the car. I was so relieved I actually took a photograph of my trusty steed. Many a time, I have been wandering moor and dale, muttering 'Car, car where's the bloody car?' Always a welcome 'Hello car, my little beauty' when I do finally see her. I was so relieved this morning I actually took a picture of her. Bless her always there right where I left her. Now I will just retrace my steps and see if I can find the keys to unlock her....

Only Joking! One day though I am sure I will drop them somewhere. Maybe I need to get me a little magnetic box to put them in somewhere on the car just in case.

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