The Epiphany

10th December 2014
I have been incredibly busy running around all over the shop with Dr's, Specialists, Hospital appointments and tests, tests and yet more tests and all that lovely utterly boring stuff. Everyone asks "How are you doing, are you ok?" but actually no one really wants to know. My response is often "Do you want the truth or the generic I'm fine reply"

Tedious is not the word! So I have spared you the details, suffice to say the last appointment is December 17th for an eye scan and that is it for this year (phew). The general consensus being I have Fibromyalgia (no really? Like I didn't know) and nothing else but that condition is causing the spasms, pain and fatigue. I'm not convinced of this, far to many people are being diagnosed with this disease these days with no answers as to why, to me it's now a brush off condition and more should be done to discover the reason behind it and sort that out, rather than just shove pills at us. Which I refuse to take as I will not become a walking zombie for anyone! Nor am I going to let this win and I will battle to find out the answers as to why and I will beat it.

ANYWAY! That is not the reason for this update. I want to let you into a new venture something that came to me after laying out the design and reprographics for the latest media pack for Jon Kershaw's brand new and utterly amazing cd 'Remnants' jonkershawmusic Jon is an extremely talented guitarist, most excellent rum drinker! Not sure on his choices of beer tho? (I'm not a beer/lager fan). All round good mate! One of the best! When not trying to kill me with his Ninja Bags (ex Black Sabbath tribute band Sabbra Cadabra). Jon is currently writing, producing, playing and touring with the amazingly talented and all round lovely lady vocalist Beck Sian (cousin to the legendary Kate Bush) acousticgoth. So with introductions out the way as to where it all began idea conception wise I will continue. Anyone asleep yet? Grins and moves on with my tale.

Driving up to Oswestry to see Jon & Beck perform I was thinking to myself how truly lucky I am to have such talented and creative people as friends. The marvellous Stu Mannix who produced the score for Briar Ridge Books award winning 'The Wicked Wood, Part One of The Journey' The Wicked Wood to see more about these visual verse books that really connect you with the wonders of Mother Nature visit briarridgebooks. So Jon, Stu, Beck and another exceptional musician Stephen Paine of the band 'Legend' (Think Nightwish) stevepaine fame who I have known for a while and who has expressed an interest in working with me and my 'Paintings of Light' after I approached him about some music for Briar Ridge Books. I digress (No surprise there! Infact I was gabbling on so many differing things one day on a car journey my mate Caroline's son Tom said he was going to call me Tangent as I was always going off on one! A clue maybe...) I'm gaily driving away humming along (trust me I cannot sing) listening to the radio, gazing out the window at the unfolding landscape around me, imagining shots and loving the light on the landscape when an idea began to form, actually it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Why not fuse two of my greatest passions together?

After a fantastic evening listening to some wonderful music old and new from Jon & Beck (really must finish editing their images taken that night) I drove home again with some tunes kicking out on the stereo mostly of classical nature this time as the other channels were disappearing in the bends and dips of the road. I mulled over my idea and although it was VERY late when I got home I penned an email to Stephen telling him of my epiphany and wondering if it would be something he would like work with me on.

HE SAID YES! Actually he loved the idea so much work is already well underway. So that is where I have been buried in 'Briar Ridge Books' images and wonderful new ideas. Now that "Part Three of The Journey, The Crystal Lake" is almost ready for first proofing stages and only minor amends need to be done, couple of page tweaks and two new verses from Hilary and we are there, not to mention the cover for "The Haunted Vale, Part Four of The Journey", put to bed and looking absolutely fabulous I squealed with delight when I had that in the bag, (think the whole village heard), Hilary is so over the moon with the next cover art and so excited about it she said she wanted to start writing the poetry immediately! (I wonder if she has started?). I am now going through archives of images for that and the final chapter, "Part Five of The Journey, The Mountains of Eternity" plus planning shoots to get images that I wish for these titles, ones I know I haven't got. But in between all this planning and editing I was at a point where I was thinking what next. This has filled that question completely.

Actually I am stunned at how fast it has all just dropped into place. Images have been selected and approved by the maestro of music. A select few in my circles in the industry have been critiquing and offering some excellent pointers and advice. Everyone loves the idea and the concept so far! The cover has gone through several transitions but I think we are there now. Stephen and I have something we love very much. Practically everyone that has seen it has gone "WOW! Ace! When is it out?"

So here I stand on the brink of another exciting dream. I have just received the template for the jacket! Yes my favourite Welsh Printers Gomer will be producing part of the project. I think speaking to them, sorting templates, design and press dates has made me realise that yes this is truly happening, I must get my self organised and start to sort all the boring bits out now. However with "The Haunted Vale, Part Four of The Journey" looming almost immediately so I can start feeding images to Hilary in January and this wonderful project underway I think I am going to be floating on air for some time. Certainly will have totally filled hours in the days to come.

Watch this space for more News in the New Year!

If I don't get round to posting over the holiday season I wish you all blessings of the season and hope you all have a fantastic Yule, Hanukkah, Crimbo and Hogmanay.

See you in 2015

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