Tough Decisions

08th February 2015

There is always that day when your up ready to meet the world at a time you could actually achieve getting out in the car for a sunrise. Ok possibly, as it looks like it would take maybe 20 mins to thaw out the car windows. Today is one of those days although feeling like I've been hit by a cricket bat after a tumble down some steps yesterday I am up first light. Washing is on and the sunrise and moonset are both occuring looking lovely. There is just enough mist and frost to make the conditions worth getting out.

HOWEVER as is the case often in my life I am going to have to let this beautiful light go and stop at my desk!!! Muttering blue air under my breath and not at all happy. But my own fault! I have to clear 8 images for an exhibition and I need to get them to the printers today. I haven't even decided on which ones I am likely to use so allowing an hour an image there's today gone. Plus I have to include upload time at a Snails pace thanks to living where I live and being on pony express instead of firewire :(

So 3D light or not here I am about to spend the day searching the archives for particular shots having not realised I was running out of time to get them ready.

Sausage, Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms and a Poached Egg to make up for it I think! ;)

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