Life & Loss

22nd January 2014
I have been away for very sad circumstances these past few days, whilst I loved visiting, having good times laughing despite the sad events for us getting together I found to my surprise I missed my Shire and the movement of time in it. I loved my time when working in London, the hustle, bustle and wild crazy days of stress during working hours and then letting our hair down partying hard for the dark hours.

However I guess due to health I am quieter these days I find release in different things. The beauty of a river rushing through a valley. The soaring summit of a mountain I wish I could climb, the sea lashing a shore and turning the tides of time. Mother Nature has always soothed my soul but never quite so much as now.

Passing years and pain filled days, friends loved and lovers lost. The struggle for work, to find fuel and fire, food for the table and bills to be paid. Sheer utter exhaustion through battling invisible struggles and life in general effects us all so differently, can as you know be wearying. Losing those that are far too beautiful, far too young and watching the courage and strength coming through the pain and sorrow makes you realise that so many people are going through so much.

I cherish my mornings when I can get up and watch a beautiful sunrise. Somedays I can be out walking The Long Mynd or other beautiful areas near me. Other days when I am struggling I may only see the beauty outside my front door. The trick is to cherish every single day, every moment we are given they are all very special. To realise that everything you hold dear can be taken in a heartbeat. Sometimes never to be replaced.

So this morning the sunrise was extra special to me as I stood and watched it and sent a prayer up for the strength and courage a certain family are going to need to get through sad, trying times, moments when they will miss their Wife, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Best Friend.

This morning someone very special was in the air as I watched the sun rise and listened to "Into The Mystic"

May you be at peace on your journey.

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